Best Areas in Cascais

The Best Areas in Cascais for Investment and Residential Purposes

Nestled along the stunning Portuguese coastline, just a stone’s throw from the vibrant city of Lisbon lies Cascais – a haven of luxury, culture, and natural beauty. Often hailed as the Portuguese Riviera, this region is renowned for its exquisite blend of historical charm and modern sophistication. Cascais, with its picturesque scenery and affluent neighborhoods, has emerged as a top destination for those seeking both investment opportunities and a high-quality residential lifestyle.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the heart of Cascais, exploring its most coveted areas – Cascais and Estoril, Alcabideche, São Domingos de Rana, Carcavelos, and Parede. Each of these locales offers a unique tapestry of experiences and advantages, making them highly sought-after by investors and homebuyers alike. As we explore these areas, we will highlight their distinct characteristics, the lifestyle they offer, and the reasons they stand out in the Cascais real estate market. Whether you are a potential homebuyer seeking a serene coastal residence or an investor looking for lucrative opportunities in luxury real estate, this article aims to provide valuable insights and guide you toward making an informed decision.

A Prime Destination for Luxury Living and Investment

Best Areas in Cascais
Cascais Districts Map

Cascais, a picturesque coastal town in Portugal, is a prime destination for those seeking a blend of favorable climate, rich cultural heritage, luxurious lifestyle, and diverse entertainment options. This chapter explores the various aspects that contribute to making Cascais an ideal place to live.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Best Areas in Cascais
Cascais Oldtown

Cascais’s history, stretching back to Roman times, is visible in its architecture and streets. Once a simple fishing village, it transformed into an elegant seaside resort for Portuguese royalty. This heritage is reflected in well-preserved forts, the historic old town, and landmarks like the Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães. The town’s vibrant cultural scene, filled with festivals, art shows, and concerts, enriches the lives of its residents.

Favorable Climate

Best Areas in Cascais
Cascais & Estoril Coasline

The Mediterranean climate of Cascais, characterized by mild winters and warm, dry summers, is a significant draw. The Atlantic Ocean moderates the temperatures, ensuring year-round comfort. This climate is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, offering an array of activities from beach days to golfing, regardless of the season.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Best Areas in Cascais
Cascais Golf Courses

The town is renowned for its luxury, with top-tier golf courses, exclusive clubs, and fine dining. The real estate in Cascais ranges from lavish villas to upscale condominiums, catering to those seeking a high-end lifestyle. The presence of international schools and excellent healthcare facilities further enhances its appeal as a top residential choice.

Entertainment and Recreation

Best Areas in Cascais
Cascais Marina

Cascais offers a wide array of entertainment and recreational activities. Its stunning beaches, like Praia do Guincho, are perfect for both relaxation and water sports. The Cascais Marina attracts sailing enthusiasts, while the Estoril Casino adds a touch of glamour. For a more laid-back experience, there are parks, cafes, and shops in the historic center.

Cascais and Estoril: A Blend of Luxury and History

Best Areas in Cascais
Casino Estoril

Cascais and Estoril, two of the most prestigious areas within the Cascais municipality, are synonymous with luxury and a rich historical tapestry. These neighborhoods, steeped in a regal past, have evolved into modern-day havens for those seeking an upscale lifestyle. Cascais, once a quaint fishing village, transformed into a royal sanctuary in the 19th century when King Luis I chose it for his summer retreat. This royal endorsement set the stage for Cascais to become a magnet for nobility and the elite, a legacy that continues to this day. 

The streets of Cascais and Estoril are lined with regal mansions, historic palaces, and lush, manicured gardens, echoing a past where they served as the summer retreat for Portuguese nobility. Today, these neighborhoods have evolved into sophisticated hubs, boasting high-end amenities, luxury boutiques, and Michelin-starred dining experiences, all while retaining their historical charm.

The real estate market in these areas reflects their prestigious status. In Cascais, the average price for apartments stands at €6,300 per square meter, with a notable increase of 12% over the last year. This upward trend is a testament to the area’s growing appeal among investors and homebuyers. Similarly, the market for houses in Cascais has seen robust growth, with average prices reaching €5,924 per square meter, marking a 16% rise from the previous year. These figures not only underscore the value of investment in this area but also highlight the sustained demand for luxury living.

Estoril’s market dynamics mirror this trend of growth and exclusivity. Apartments in Estoril command an average price of €6,954 per square meter, having experienced an 8% increase over the past year. Houses in this area, known for their elegance and proximity to the famed Estoril Casino and beautiful beaches, are priced at an average of €6,780 per square meter, with a 6% increase in value from the previous year. These numbers reflect the enduring allure of Estoril as a top-tier destination for discerning buyers and investors in the luxury real estate market.


  • Upmarket and Family-Friendly: Cascais and Estoril are known for their luxurious lifestyle, with a blend of historical charm and modern amenities. The presence of international schools like St. Dominic’s International School and IPS Cascais British International School makes it ideal for families.
  • Excellent Connectivity: With efficient transport links, residents can reach Lisbon’s business district in just 30 minutes.
  • Stable and Valuable Real Estate Market: The housing market here has seen a 37% increase in prices over recent years, making it a sound investment.

Alcabideche: Affordable Luxury

Best Areas in Cascais
Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães

Alcabideche, a charming area within the Cascais municipality, offers a unique blend of affordability and luxury, making it an increasingly popular choice for both investors and families. Unlike the more renowned neighborhoods of Cascais and Estoril, Alcabideche presents a more serene and cost-effective entry into the luxurious lifestyle of the Cascais region. This area, characterized by its rolling hills, traditional Portuguese architecture, and proximity to both the Sintra mountains and the Atlantic coast, provides a perfect balance between urban convenience and natural beauty.

The real estate market in Alcabideche has been witnessing a steady rise, reflecting its growing popularity. For apartments, the average price is currently at €4,232 per square meter, which has seen a significant increase of 9% over the last year. This growth is indicative of the area’s rising demand, as more people seek properties that offer luxury at a more accessible price point. The market for houses in Alcabideche is also robust, with the average price standing at €5,945 per square meter, marking an impressive 16% increase from the previous year. These figures not only demonstrate the area’s investment potential but also its appeal to those looking for high-quality living without the premium price tag of its more famous neighbors.

Alcabideche’s growth in the real estate sector is a testament to its appeal as a location that offers the best of both worlds: access to the amenities and lifestyle of the Cascais region, coupled with a more relaxed and affordable living environment. Its proximity to natural parks, excellent schools, and local amenities, along with the increasing value of properties, makes Alcabideche an attractive option for a diverse range of buyers, from young professionals to retirees.


  • Cost-Effective Investment: Alcabideche offers a more affordable entry point into the Cascais real estate market while still providing the benefits of the region, such as beautiful coastlines and proximity to Lisbon.
  • Outdoor Lifestyle: Close to Sintra Natural Park, it’s ideal for hiking and cycling enthusiasts. Golf courses like Penha Longa and Oitavos Dunes are nearby.

São Domingos de Rana: Emerging Residential Area

Best Areas in Cascais

São Domingos de Rana, a burgeoning residential area within the Cascais municipality, is rapidly gaining attention as a desirable location for both living and investing. This area, characterized by its blend of urban development and tranquil residential settings, offers a unique opportunity for those seeking a quieter lifestyle while still being in close proximity to the bustling hubs of Lisbon and Cascais. São Domingos de Rana is a testament to thoughtful urban planning, combining modern amenities with green spaces, making it an ideal choice for families and professionals alike.

The real estate market in São Domingos de Rana has shown promising growth, reflecting its emerging status as a sought-after residential area. The average price for apartments here is currently €3,544 per square meter, witnessing a modest increase of 1% over the last year. This growth is indicative of the area’s potential and its appeal as a more affordable alternative in the Cascais region. The market for houses has experienced a more significant surge, with average prices at €3,798 per square meter, marking a 9% increase from the previous year. These figures highlight São Domingos de Rana’s growing appeal and its potential as a sound investment opportunity, particularly for those looking for value in a rising market.

The appeal of São Domingos de Rana lies in its ability to offer a balanced lifestyle – a blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience. Its proximity to major transport links, coupled with the increasing value of properties, makes it an attractive option for a wide range of buyers. From young families seeking their first home to investors looking for properties with growth potential, São Domingos de Rana presents a compelling case for consideration in the Cascais real estate market.


  • Growing Community: This area is rapidly developing, offering modern amenities and infrastructure.
  • Proximity to Lisbon: Ideal for those who work in Lisbon but prefer a quieter residential area.
  • Diverse Real Estate Options: From apartments to family homes, there’s a range of properties to suit different needs.

Carcavelos and Parede: Beachfront Living

Best Areas in Cascais
Carcavelos Coastline

Carcavelos and Parede, situated along the stunning coastline of the Cascais municipality, epitomize the allure of beachfront living. These areas are renowned for their beautiful beaches, vibrant community life, and a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. Carcavelos, with its famous beach that is a hotspot for surfers and sun-seekers, has evolved into one of the most dynamic and desirable locations in the region. Parede, known for its charming character and stunning sea views, complements Carcavelos by offering a more laid-back lifestyle while still maintaining easy access to Lisbon and Cascais.

The real estate market in Carcavelos has seen remarkable growth, particularly in the apartment sector. The average price for apartments in Carcavelos is now at an impressive €5,766 per square meter, which represents a significant increase of 45% over the last year. This dramatic rise is a clear indicator of the area’s soaring popularity and the high demand for properties in this vibrant coastal town. The market for houses in Carcavelos has also experienced healthy growth, with average prices reaching €5,114 per square meter, marking a 17% increase from the previous year. These figures not only underscore the value of investment in Carcavelos but also reflect the area’s status as a top choice for those seeking a dynamic coastal lifestyle.

Best Areas in Cascais
Parede City Landscape

In Parede, the real estate market has also been on an upward trajectory. The average price for apartments in this quaint yet lively area is €5,816 per square meter, having seen a 26% increase over the past year. Houses in Parede are currently averaging €4,645 per square meter, with a 16% increase in value from the previous year. These numbers highlight Parede’s growing appeal as a destination for those who desire a balance between the tranquility of a seaside town and the convenience of city living.


  • Beach Lifestyle: Known for beautiful beaches like Carcavelos, popular with surfers and beachgoers.
  • Family-Friendly: Home to international schools such as St Julian’s and St Dominic’s.
  • Vibrant Community: The area is lively, especially in summer, with a mix of locals and expatriates.

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Cascais – A Spectrum of Opportunities

Cascais, with its diverse neighborhoods, offers a spectrum of opportunities for those looking to invest in real estate or find their dream home. From the luxurious and historic Cascais and Estoril to the affordable luxury of Alcabideche, the emerging residential area of São Domingos de Rana, and the vibrant beachfront lifestyle of Carcavelos and Parede, each area presents its unique charm and advantages. The Cascais real estate market is dynamic and varied, catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets.

Average Prices in Cascais Areas

AreaAverage Price per m² for ApartmentsAverage Price per m² for HousesYearly Variation
Cascais€6,300€5,924+12% for apartments, +16% for houses
Estoril€6,954€6,780+8% for apartments, +6% for houses
Alcabideche€4,232€5,945+9% for apartments, +16% for houses
São Domingos de Rana€3,544€3,798+1% for apartments, +9% for houses
Carcavelos€5,766€5,114+45% for apartments, +17% for houses
Parede€5,816€4,645+26% for apartments, +16% for houses

This table illustrates the diversity and potential of the Cascais real estate market. Whether you are looking for a high-end luxury property, a family home, or a smart investment, Cascais offers a range of options to suit your needs.

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