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If you ever wanted to own an ocean-side property – as a permanent place of living or a vacation home – we are here to help!

We try to fulfill the client’s request as quickly as possible. That’s why we organized the process in such a way that you’ll be able to see all the available and suitable options in a matter of days – personally or by video call.

Last summer, my husband Mark and I decided to invest in a luxury property in Carcavelos e Parede. Roca Estate Cascais made the process so smooth! Their team was attentive to every detail and addressed all our concerns. We couldn't be happier with our purchase. Highly recommend! ❤️


Roca Estate Cascais is the best! They helped me find the perfect home in Alcabideche. Their expertise in luxury real estate is unmatched. Thank you for making my dream come true! 🏠

Miguel Silva

I worked with Roca Estate Cascais this spring. They were professional, responsive, and truly understood what I was looking for. My wife, Clara, and I are enjoying our beautiful Estoril home. Thanks to the entire team!!!


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When this happy time will come, we take care of underestimated yet essential things: we help to arrange the contracts for water, electricity, gas, internet. We may also guide you on modern art and even fabulous furniture for your new home.

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Similar Property Suggestions

We don't limit your options. Based on your selected reference, we explore and suggest similar properties that match your preferences.

Legal Check-Up

Avoid future disputes and complications. Our team of legal experts ensures that your potential property has a clean record and all necessary documentation in place.

Evaluation Analysis

We ensure you get the best value for your investment. Our professionals conduct a thorough analysis of the property's value in relation to the current market trends.

Property Inspection

Never overlook a hidden flaw. Our construction experts thoroughly inspect your potential property, assessing its condition and identifying any potential repair costs.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Take the guesswork out of securing a mortgage. Our financial experts work to get your mortgage pre-approved, simplifying your financial planning and speeding up the buying process.

Scheduling the Visit

We arrange and coordinate visits to potential properties, respecting your schedule and providing the convenience you need.

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Buying a home can be stressful, but not with Roca Estate Cascais. They handled everything, from property viewing to paperwork. I faced a few challenges, but they were there every step of the way. Forever grateful!


My experience with Roca Estate Cascais was exceptional! They found the perfect property for my family in Alcabideche. My children, Sofia and Lucas, are thrilled with our new home. Thank you for your dedication and hard work! 😊


"Last winter, my wife and I decided to invest in a luxury property. Roca Estate Cascais was our first choice, and they didn't disappoint. Their professionalism and dedication are commendable. We're now proud homeowners in Alcabideche. Thank you!


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