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As we progress and widen our market footprint, we are on the lookout for ambitious and dedicated individuals to not only become a part of our team but to become partner-agents

Below you will find out what makes working with as to stand out and why joining us as a partner will create a difference in your real estate career.

What Do We Offer:

An Elegant Office Space

Roca Estate offers an aesthetically pleasing and professional office space that can enhance the productivity and well-being of agents. The elegant setting not only impresses clients but also provides an ideal work environment that can boost an agent's morale and professionalism.

A Dedicated Office Manager

Having a dedicated office manager means that administrative and organizational tasks are taken care of, allowing agents to focus on selling properties and serving clients. This is a significant advantage in streamlining day-to-day operations and increasing efficiency.

Ongoing Training

Roca Estate is committed to the professional development of its agents through ongoing training programs. This ensures that agents are always updated on the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices, making them more competent and competitive in the market.

Legal Checks of the Property

Roca Estate conducts thorough legal checks for each listed property, minimizing the risk of legal complications down the line. This adds a layer of trust and reliability for both agents and clients, making transactions smoother.

Deal Structuring

The agency offers expert advice on deal structuring, ensuring that both parties get the best terms possible. This specialized support can be invaluable in navigating complex transactions and closing deals efficiently.

Accounting of Operations & Consulting

Roca Estate offers accounting services specific to real estate operations, helping agents keep track of their finances. This allows agents to focus more on selling properties rather than worrying about the numbers.

Property Listing

The agency provides a comprehensive and updated list of properties, giving agents a wide array of options to offer their clients. This makes it easier for agents to match client needs and close deals faster.

CRM System

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is in place to help agents manage client relationships effectively. This tool enables better organization, follow-up, and data analysis, ensuring that agents can focus on what they do best—selling properties.

Tech Support

Technical issues can be a significant setback; however, Roca Estate offers robust tech support to keep systems running smoothly. Whether it's troubleshooting the CRM or handling website glitches, tech support ensures that agents can work without technical hindrances.


Roca Estate handles advertising initiatives, saving agents the time and effort it would take to promote listings independently. Effective advertising can significantly broaden the reach of property listings and attract more potential buyers.

Lead Generation

The agency has systems in place for effective lead generation, providing agents with a steady stream of potential clients. This service increases the opportunities for sales and helps agents build their client base more quickly.

Agent's Landing Page

Each agent is provided with a personalized landing page, serving as a one-stop-shop for clients to view listings, read testimonials, and get to know the agent better. This boosts the agent's personal brand and can lead to higher conversion rates.

Content Supply and Distribution

Agents can benefit from professionally created content to support their marketing efforts. Roca Estate takes care of content creation and distribution, which can significantly enhance an agent’s online presence and client engagement.

Agent's Photo/Video Shooting

Professional photo and video shoots are available to agents to enhance their profiles. High-quality visuals are not only appealing to prospective clients but also add a level of professionalism that can set an agent apart from the competition.

Social Accounts Management

In today's digital age, social media presence is crucial. Roca Estate manages the social accounts of its agents, maintaining a consistent and engaging online presence that can attract more leads and keep clients updated.

By offering such comprehensive support and resources, Roca Estate aims to set its agents up for success in the highly competitive real estate market.

Why You Should Consider Working With Us

Well, first of all, let’s see what options you have if you want to proceed with a career in the real estate market here, in Portugal 👇

Purchase a franchise of an established brand

Buy a franchise from a globally recognized company like Christie’s or Sotheby’s. These names carry prestige and trust, but there’s a catch. Most lucrative areas are already saturated with their presence, leaving little room for new entrants.


  • Brand Recognition: An established brand name provides instant credibility and can draw in clients more easily.

  • Proven Business Model: A franchise comes with a proven method of conducting business, which can reduce the risks involved.

  • Training and Support: Franchises usually offer ongoing training and support to help you get started and to deal with challenges.


  • High Initial Cost: Buying a franchise usually requires a substantial initial investment.

  • Limited Control: You may have less flexibility to operate as you see fit; you’re obliged to adhere to the franchisor’s rules and standards.

  • Market Saturation: In many lucrative areas, these established brands are already highly visible, making it difficult to stand out or secure a market share.

Become Roca Estate Agent:

  • Affordable Buy-in: Unlike the steep initial costs associated with buying a franchise, we offer a more affordable entry point that still provides high-quality training and support.
  • Flexibility with Structure: Franchises often come with strict rules and limitations. We provide the ideal balance, allowing you more freedom to operate in the way you see fit.

  • Market Knowledge: While lucrative areas may already be saturated with franchises, our deep market knowledge helps you identify other profitable opportunities you might not be aware of.

Employment with an existing agency

You could opt to work in an agency that operates under the franchise of a well-known brand. However, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re already in this situation and you’re yearning for more – more freedom, more control, more growth potential.


  • Steady Income: Salary or a stable commission rate can provide financial stability.

  • Less Risk: Working for someone else’s established agency reduces the personal financial risk involved.

  • Guidance and Support: Easier access to training and mentorship from experienced realtors.


  • Limited Control: Less autonomy in decision-making and brand representation.

  • Income Ceiling: Limited growth potential and commission caps are common.

  • Less Flexibility: You have set work hours and may have less control over your client list and schedule.

Become Roca Estate Agent:

  • Unlimited Growth Potential: Unlike traditional agencies that often have income ceilings or capped commissions, our model allows for unlimited earnings and professional growth.

  • Flexibility with Structure: Working with us, you don’t have to stick to rigid work hours or fixed roles. We offer greater flexibility, allowing you to maintain a better work-life balance.

  • Tailored Support: While you might get generic training at an established agency, our tailored support and mentorship programs are designed to cater to your individual needs, thereby increasing your chances of success.

Creating your own agency or acting as a solo-realtor

Creating your own real estate brand is another option. This path offers you the chance to build something from the ground up. But it’s not without its challenges. The costs of branding, marketing, and establishing a new business can be steep. Additionally, the dual demand of focusing on real estate transactions while trying to meet marketing needs can be overwhelming and often unfeasible.


  • Full Control: Complete autonomy over business decisions, branding, and client selection.

  • Unlimited Growth Potential: The sky is the limit when it comes to earnings and expansion.

  • Personal Brand: Opportunity to establish and grow your own brand in the marketplace.


  • High Risk: Considerable financial investment and risk involved in setting up a new business.

  • Time-Intensive: The need to balance real estate transactions with other business aspects like marketing can be overwhelming.

  • Lack of Support: Unless you hire a team, you’re on your own for training, problem-solving, and support.

Become Roca Estate Agent:

  • Strong Network: Unlike going solo, where you start from scratch, we provide a strong network of clients and partners right from the beginning, giving you an immediate edge.

  • Advanced Tech Tools: We offer the latest technology and marketing resources, reducing the time and monetary investments you would otherwise have to make when starting your own agency.

  • Tailored Support: Instead of lacking a support system, as you would in a solo operation, we offer personalized training and mentorship to propel you to success in real estate.

By carefully considering these arguments, you may find that our agency offers an excellent balance of support, flexibility, and growth potential, making it a preferable choice compared to the other options.

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